Leadership Development

1    Type of Leader

There are different type of leadershipstyles, with different weaknesses and strengths. In working with different clients, I have explored various leadership skills. I want to become a Participative leader, which is very open and collegial style of running a team. I have observed that people who are using Participative leadership style gets more respect and valued by the team member. One of the best approaches of Participative leadership style which I like is the participatory role of all the team members. The ideas within the team are floating freely within the group and issues are discussed openly(Ruderman, 2008). My manager also uses the same Participative leadership style which motivates me to use the same to get the best results. One of the best elements of Participative leadership style which I like is that it facilitates conversation and encourages people to share their ideas and then synthncize all the information into best possible solution.Moreover, in my point of view a Participative leadership style can bring the best out of an experienced and professional team.

I am currently working at a non-managerial position in my organization and I found that participative leadership style in more effective because lower level employees can also exercise authority. A free flow of ideas and suggestion allows a leader to improve overall productivity, efficiency and quality of work.

2    Competencies to become a participative leader

I have to work on some leadership areas to successfully indulge myself in a participative leadership style. Therefore, I have to give right to everyone to be heard and facilitate these interactions for the greater good of the group. It is essential for me to get timely and precise information from the employees and give respect to opinions and suggestions of every employee.I have to share decision making and problem solving responsibilities with my team members while retaining the ultimate say in the final decision. This form of leadership style primarily encourages team involvement and engagement therefore I have to ensure that each member of the team will play their role in taking crucial decision. In simple words, I have to keep communication lines open for everyone which allows me to work on new and creative ideas and keep things productive and on track.

In the current business environment employees perceive a new shift in leadership. I believe that old and traditional ways of leadership are no more effective. “The new reality for leaders” which states that, leaders has to play a role of facilitator, collaborator, diversity manager and humble personality.  The blend of traits of “The new reality for leaders” and “participative leadership” is almost the same which means that I have to adopt the new reality for leader’s traits to become a participative leader.

Primarily, there are three areas of in which I have to work to successfully indulge myself in a democratic leadership style. These three areas includes; distribution of responsibility, empowering group members and aiding, group decision making process.

3    Learning for this semester

The topics which were covered in the lectures allows me to get sufficient information regarding identifying my own personal values, understand how to lead with integrity, differentiate between difference between a common human and a leader and allows me to better understand the inbuilt leadership traits of my personality. The course also helped me in understanding various form of leadership styles which are effective in different situations. The course allows me to understand, the role of leaders within the organization and how leaders use different behaviors and leadership styles to control and manage employees.

The units of the course allow me to understand the basic concept of leadership and also explain that how individuals can grow themselves as a leader or transform their personality as a leader.  For example, the leadership concepts taught in the class room will allow me to practically choose the most appropriate leadership style after analyzing the situation. Although no specific leadership style is effective in every situation but I can choose the most appropriate and most desirable leadership style after analyzing the situation. I am also applying these leadership traits in my professional life which allows me to keep employees in their comfort zone. The course help me out in identifying myself as a person, identifying my qualities and values as a leader, allows me to understand leadership and role of a leader. After learning some different aspects of leadership I found myself able to use different leadership techniques to manage the people. It is not possible to control people rather the role of leaders is to manage people. It is important for a leader to manage people by utilizing the best possible leadership style.

The second learning outcome of this course for me is to understand the emotions and control my own emotions to bring more quality oriented results. After thorough study of the course I am able to tune the emotional states of others, bring negative emotions to the ground and motivate and encourage people to use positive emotions during work. During work I am now able to neglect my negative emotions which includes; fear, guilt, sadness, anger and envy. On the other hand, I am now able to enhance my positive emotions which include pride, love, relief, enjoyment and relief.  One of the most important qualities of leaders is their emotional intelligence. Primarily, at work place people have range of emotions and it is very much important for a leader to not only understand their own but also emotions of others. For example, when I started judging the emotional intelligence of other, my subordinates started asking more questions and they are more receptive towards me as I addressed their issues and concerns more respectfully. I realized at my job that it is an easy job to simply keep head down, do the minimum and get the salary at the end of the month but in this way the subordinates might not get satisfied from their job Senthamil (2011). 

When this assignment was developed, there were miscommunications and carelessness shown by some group members. I use democratic leadership style and try to engage all the group members. I conduct meetings with every group member and try to find-out why there exist miscommunication and carelessness. I take input of every member and once i get input of every member i came to know that all the members are professional therefore there were miscommunication and carelessness. I then decided to make a whatsapp group to discuss issues related to assignment.

4         References

Ruderman, M. (2008). Great expectations: Resolving conflicts of leadership style preferences. Leadership in Action, 28(4), pp.8-12.


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