Human resources requirement process

Section A

Q1: Define and explain the hiring process that you will communicate in the recruitment process?

Ans: According to the situation that is given in the case study of selection and recruitment, we as a team will assist the HR department at KC sports to hire the marketing manager and well experienced IT manger that would help company to attain its objective(Armstrong2010).

 The recruitment is the process of acquiring right candidate that possess the skills that would match the job requirement. The major aim of recruitment is to advertise the job and find a pool of the potential employee among which the most appropriate candidate is going to be select that will best fit the job.

This is the process that we as team will communicate to the job applicants via email and other ways like in job advertising:

  1. Recruiting till deadline:

In this step of hiring process, recruiting will be done and potential applicants are reached through different way and that will surely include the most conventional ways also. Beyond this passive recruitment, some experienced and valuable profile candidates are also invited on social media and LinkedIn to drop their CV at the web address given in the company mail or advertisement.

  • Screening of the applications:

After the company will receive the applications and CV from the candidate the next step is of the of screening of the applications. The applications are then screened according to the selected criteria that is being discussed in the planning step in the HR department. In this step, the unqualified applicants are then separated from the pool of applicants(Armstrong2010).

  • Screening interview:

The screening interview is then further conducted with the candidates on phone its also will be the sort of verification that will be conducted with the candidate that will involve some questions about the qualification and experiences they have mentioned in their CV and job applications. Screening interview will SERVE the most important role in the screening process.

  • Interviews:

The job interviews are one of the most critical part of the hiring process and also plays an important role in profitability and efficiency of the organization. The type of interviews is face to face interviews with the job applicants and the hiring manger are more focused on the employee experience, skills and also the work history. The job interviews will be more focused on the subject of the job and also become more in-depth interview. The focus of the interviewer will be on the past experience and skills that are required for the job. After the initial interview, final interview also will be conducted with the top-level management and these interviews are conducted with the small pool of applicants shortlisted.

  • Background check:

In the last stages of the hiring process, in the step that is prior to making the job offer to the candidate the background check is conducted to review the employment history, any criminal record and also the credit checks. SC sports shop will also check in detail the social media accounts of the applicants are the most likely to represent the company in the good and professional manner.

  • Decision:

In this stage of the hiring process, final decision would be made that who is the best for the organization. The HR department of KC sports shop will make the decision on the basis of the evaluation if skills and the employee performance in the assessment tests that are organized by the HR department. This stage is very important situation for the company as it’s the make or break situation of the company. If the company become successful in selection of the candidate that is very efficient and skillful according to the job then this will help the organization to attain the long-term goals and will prove to become more profitable for the organization but if organization will recruit the unskillful employee or a choice that do not set fit then it would be more disastrous for the organization.

  • Job offer:

In this step of the hiring process of the organization. The company will offer a letter in which the salary is state along with other details of the job like start date and also include the conditions and terms of the employment that is based on the company agreement. It will be quite clear so that its easy for the candidate to understand the term of the offer(Armstrong2010).

 The potential candidate will sign and its also the sign of the agreement of the terms and also possibility that the negotiation on the salary is focusing.

  • On boarding:

The on boarding is the last step in the process of the hiring and it is also one of the most crucial steps in the hiring process. In this onboarding step, KC sports shop will make its newly joined employee to feel comfortable when he or she will join the organization. These special arrangements that includes preparation of the workplace for new employee and giving him or her the required credentials that are required.

Q2. Job advertisement for the post of the Network administrator:

Q3. Job advertisement e-mail to sell the idea:

Subject: An IT administrator for well developed KC sports shop having learning environment.

Company overview:

KC sports shop is one of the market leaders in field of the sports equipment in the market. Company offers competitive salary and growth and learning opportunity for the employees.

Job position:

KC sports shop required an experienced IT administrator that will control over all networking of the business and must have relevant degree from the recognized university along with the 4-year experience in the relevant field from a reputed company.

Benefit of working with KC sports shop:

  1.  Learning environment.
  2. Career development opportunities.
  3. Handsome salary plus packages.
  4. Skill development programs.
  5. Yearly promotions.

If you are interested in working with us. Please drop your CV at and our HR team will call you and inform you about the further process.


William jones

HR manager KC sports.

Q4.Develop the selection tool with the minimum of the five interview questions that will help in the screening of the employees?

The Process of Hiring is referred to the reviewing application forms, select candidates through the interview, testing candidates and selecting candidates between to make the process of hiring decisions and performance through various pre-employment tests(Dessler , 2014).

The HR Manager used different steps during the hiring process to select the best suitable candidate as an IT Administrator fit for the job.

  • Job Applications are reviewed.
  • Test applicant.
  • Conduct Interview for Selection.
  • Select Candidate constructed on pre-determined selection measures.
  • Check background and reference details.
  • The last step is to send a candidate for a health test.

First of all, we make a process of screening in which large pools of CVs are collected. From that pool, few CVs are selected and after the screening, we shortlist the candidates for interview on the basis of merits. After the interview the candidate who scores the highest marks in the interview we selected.

Selection criteria:

  • We preferred the candidate with minimum CGPA 2.5 in Semester System or 70% Marks in Annual System.
  • Candidate should be post graduate in Marketing any Information Technology.
  • The experience will be preferred (Minimum 3 Years).
  • Get the Highest score in an interview candidate is selected.


  • We give 2 scores on general knowledge questions.
  •  Job-related questions scored are given differently by the panel.
Your Name interviewer:  
Name of interviewee:               
Post-Interview for:                                       
POST: IT Administrator
Directions: Tick any number for a score to each question below. Add up the total points in each column. Then add the result of the column as a Grand Total.   Interview Questions: Excellent Good Fair Needs Improvement Poor
1. Can you tell me a little more about Yourself?     4    3 2 1 0
2. Why did you leave your last job?     4 3 2 1 0
3. Tell us about your Technical Background and Experience?      4 3 2 1 0
4. Tell us about the three attributes that make you an efficient Administrator?   4 3 2 1 0
5. What’s your favorite movie?        4  3 2 1 0
6. The concent of HTTP monitor, website link is down. Are you capable of telnet to the port and how you sort out this problem?     4 3 2 1 0
7. What are suitable for KPI’s do you think we should track for Managing System Performance?     4 3 2 1     0
8. What’s your favorite sport?       4 3 2 1 0
9. Tell us about the toughest Situation or Problem you’ve ever Sort out?     4 3 2 1 0
10. What kind of salary are you looking for an IT Administrator?     4    3 2 1 0
  Grand Total:   Total   Total   Total   Total   Total

Section-A2 Critical Thinking

Q1. Consider this Statement “Recruitment & Selection is a Two Way Process” Explain?

Answer:Basically this issue addressed during the candidate’s selection is having more worth because it has two elements: One is Recruitment and is the Final Selection of the right candidate. Chmiel(2001) Defines these two elements in a working definition:

  1. Recruitment: Through word-of-mouth, Advertising and other methods of recruitment targeted candidates are attracted, these methods are included in the pre-screening of the selection phase.
  2. Selection: Selection is the process of taking employment decisions by some responsible of an Organization, usually selecting Suitable candidates among the large pool of applicants and choosing the applicants through one or more assessment methods. It is also included that the final decision was taken by managers either to select a candidate or reject an offer of employment given by the company.

According to this definition which shows clearly that Recruitment and Selection is a two-way process and throughout the process, it is reflected in this module. First of all, in the Selection process made by the organization through attracting candidates, organizations select employee, in another way at the same time the candidates also choose the Organization or Employer. These processes working effectively totally depend on the effectiveness of Recruitment & Selection Process. Some of the issues and problems found at the human level, which could lie under the umbrella of “Psychological” factors like ‘Self-esteem and Stress (Martin et al. 2005). This research shows that the rejected applicants, stress level and self-esteem highly affected due to rejection and at a lower level than successful candidates.

Some elements are useful for the management of applicants perception about the selection process (Hauskneckht, Day and Thomas 2004).

  1. Distribution of Justice:The results shows the fairness & equality in recruitment and Selection process which can be seen as fair and Appropriate for all.
  2. Procedural Justice: The candidates should perceive that there is a fair and equal justice with all applicants as the outcomes showed that there is no biasness occurred in the selection of candidates.
  3. Inter-Personal Justice: Candidates should feel that they are dealt with sensitively and Professionally through proper channel and process.
  4. Informational Justice: Organization should give timely and accurate feedback as employees perceive that they are properly and timely feedback taken from the organization.

The Quality Models os staffing is used for the selection of appropriate and best-fit employees for any position, this approach includes the Person-Job fit and Person-Organization fit methods. These methods are based on some assumptions and attributes of Person Characteristics, Job Duties& Responsibilities and Organizational Environment. The staffing Quality model includes these two approaches;

  • Person-Job Fit
  • Person-Organization Fit

Person-Job Fit: This is a traditional method of Recruitment and Selection in which organizations defined the job duties and tasks, and specify the requirements of some job and afterward they are looking for candidates who are most suitable and fit in this position with respect to their attributes and behaviors. Some factors particular to the individuals are helping to determine the Human Behaviors it is based on assumptions and final thought or implications based on selection tools which should concern the measurement and assessment of these individual factors which are compared at the end with those specific job requirements.

Job Includes:

  • what are the requirements of a particular job?
  • What rewards and benefits organizations offer for a particular job?

Person Includes:

  • Aperson should have different KSAO’S like Knowledge about the job, Particular Skills, and Abilities to do a job

Person-Organization Fit: This Approach based on the Environmental factors which influenced the individual performance and their behaviors. So based on this assumption, it is not necessary that a person successful in one organization is also successful at the same job in other organization where the environment is totally changed. In this approach, it is highly stressed in considering all those factors which influenced the person’s success or failure in a particular organization because these factors are playing a vital role in selection suitable candidate.

Person Includes:

  • Aperson should have different KSAO’S like Knowledge about the job, Particular Skills, and Abilities to do a job?

Organization Includes:

  • Organizational factors include Organizational Values(Desirable Behaviors, Norms, Beliefs, Culture).
  • New Job Duties
  • Multiple Job Duties like multitasking ability of a particular person to do a different job.
  • The final is the future job responsibilities

Q2. Write Down some Advantages and Disadvantages of different selection methods?

Answer: The advantages and disadvantages of selection methods are as follows;

  1. Application Form Review: TheApplication form isawidelyusedmethod for attracting candidates and this method is used by organizations to protect themselves they are clearly mentioned that if any form having a discrepancy this will not be considered for further process and rejected at the spot. A well designed and accurate application form is helpful to differentiate the serious and nonserious candidates.


  • Information standardized format so, it is easy to compare applications.
  • The specific Skills, Qualifications, and Experience can be Required.
  • Asked certain questions about convictions
  • Special requirements are ascertained for interview


  • The main drawback of this method is to limit the organization that quickly judge the applications.
  • Required More Paperwork.
  • CV or Resume: This method allowing some candidates to fill extra information which it may not be covered in the application form, this is an inexpensive method used after the screening process.


  • Good looking CV can make a difference among candidates. Also helps to achieve a career progression.
  • A CV is helpful for applicants to sell your experience and strengths.


  • Not suitable in case of less experience
  • The drawback for those who have any employment gap
  • Psychometric Test: The Psychometric Test mainly based on three categories of test which are; Personality Test, Skills Test, and  Ability Test.


  • Cost-effective
  • Time-saving
  • Understand the employee
  • Appropriate and Accurate
  • No Biasness


  • Cultural Barriers and Issues
  • Fake method
  • Incorrect answers are given by employees
  • Not accurate
  • Interview: Interview is a meeting or gathering between employer or recruiter and applicant where the question asked by the panel and answered them by the applicant.


  • More personal in nature
  • Familiar method for applicants
  • Easy to understand
  • Real observer
  • Cost-effective
  • Group interview may be conducted


  • Low flexibility
  • Lack of validity in the group interview
  • Leakage of candidate’s private information
  • Situational questions create a hurdle for candidates

Section B: Career planning and Personal development:

Develop the cover letter that have all the details about your interest to apply for the post of the IT administrator?


HR manager

Company city and state

Dear HR

This email is regarding my interest regarding my interest for applying for the position of the IT administrator that was posted in the job website with my skill set and competencies as I am more able to manage the IT departments and set ups of more then 500 companies that are multinational companies and my area of specialization or area of interest is the network security.

While completing by master’s degree in the IT I have also completed special certification and short courses in the Reverse engineer, network security and computer security. This knowledge that I have gained from these specialization course shave helped me a lot and make me able to manage the Linux, Unix and window operating system.

I have started my carrier an intern employee at the leading IT department in the US government by working under the supervision of the world leading organization and top It managers and supervisors I have learned a lot of the investigating the loop holes in the security. Here I have also got opportunity to mange the data center and this help me to increase my documentation skills and ability to implement the decision regarding the management of the overall security.

I have attached my resume highlighted my academic and the professional skills and looking forward for your reply in this case.



CV for the post of network administrator:

        Profile     To work as an employee in a prestigious organization that warrants an opportunity not Only to learn but also to demonstrate skill acquired over the course of my professional studies am an enthusiast, reliable, ambitious and a good communicator, which enforces me to work on my initiative individually and as part of a team.   Date of Birth   07/09/1995   CONTACT     PHONE: Xxxxxxxxxxx     EMAIL: xxxxx…..xxxxx   HOBBIES Socializing Traveling Animal Care Running   LANGUAGES Urdu Punjabi English Hindi           ZAIN WALI Muhammad     EDUCATION Bachelors inIT, University of Michigan. 2005-2009 CGPA is 3.27 with specialization in Data security.   Intermediate From B.I.S.E Rawalpindi 2011 – 2013 In Intermediate degree the main subjects are Chemistry, math, and physics.   Matriculation From F.B.I.S.E 2009 – 2011 I have passed with 1st Division with specialization is science subjects.   WORK EXPERIENCE   Data scientist at CIA head office     Internship at CIA head office             SKILLS An expert in SPSS (Statistical software).Content and Article writing regarding products.Skill of formatting and designing document using MS Word.Professional presentation slides making using Power point.Digital marketer and specialist in SEO.Beginner level knowledge of AMOS.Strong presentation and communication skills.    

Write a career plain and write your goal for the next 10 years?

Career plan direct the indicial to stay focused and exerts the efforts in most beneficial way as possible as career plan give the individual a direction in which he or she will exert the efforts to get the maximum returns:

  Goal Target date
  My goal is to become more proficient in becoming the best innovators in the business field.   My goal is to become the leading employee in the organization on the basis of performance.     From year 5 as when I got that much experience then my goal is to become an entrepreneur and will make effort to establish a HR service provider organization.   In the last 2 years of my 10 years plan as I will have much to invest in other Hr related new projects so will invest there.      End of year 1   From year 2 to 5   From year 5 to year 8         From year 8 to year 10.

Following are the obstacles that I can face in achieving my career problems:

  1. Lack of capital will be one reason that will be faced when I will achieve my fifth-year goal.
  2. Lack of technical know how will be the second reason or obstacle that I can face in achieving my goal for 10 years.
  3. Mismanagement can be the third obstacles that could be the hurdle in my success while running my own organization.

Q1: Why should you build your personal brand?

In this highly competitive world, branding is the only way that you can survive in this world. The best way to be unique and stay ahead of your competitor is the personal branding. The personal branding is an area of the high importance in this world where there is a lot of unemployment and large number of graduates from the universities passed out every year.

according to the authors that write about the self-image and perception Your personal name is one of the best ways to get competitive and its real asset and if you make efforts and transform it into the personal brand then it can be prove as your best strategy to be competitive and be unique in crowd. The expansion of the network is very important for the business to be successful and if you have the personal brand and brand that is very strong then you will see that people will search you and want to connect with you. Your personal brand will act like a magnet to attract them.

When you will have the personal brand and as result have a large network then people will approach you having attractive opportunities for you and that can be result of the employee referral a very important way to recruit employees that are used by the companies to recruit the employees.

A personal brand is also the unique value of the promise and the personal brand plays an important role in increasing the good will of an individual and at the same time it causes increase in the credibility also.

How will you increase your skills for the interview?

Job interviews are one of the most important part of the hiring process and also play an important role in the career of any individual that are seeking for the job. Job interviews are most decisive time and very important for both the firm and candidate. This is most important to be prepared for the job interview as most qualified and sharp minded people have to be prepared for the job interviews.

It is important for the candidate to increase his nonverbal and speaking skills before he goes in for job interview. The job interview is all about the demonstrating the confidence, standing straight and having good first impression. The second thing of great importanceis dressing while going for the job interview as dress speaker louder then your tongue the interviewer can judge you in first look. The third most important skill is listening skill as from the start of the interview listen to your interviewers question and if you nit able to listen the question effectively you can’t be able to answer the questions effectively. Good communication skills include listening and letting the person know you heard what was said. Observe your interviewer, and match that style and pace.

Q3: choose the topic in this module that interest you and reflect upon that how will you relate this topic in your student career or employment career.

Ans; The one of the most interesting topic that I like in this module of the HR management is regarding the interview more specifically about the interview question and type of the questions and format of the question in the job interview as Job interviews are one of the most important part of the hiring process and also play an important role in the career of any individual that are seeking for the job. Job interviews are most decisive time and very important for both the firm and candidate. I will try to apply this learning in my real life as now we are going through the phase of the student life and soon will get in the professional life so for the preparation of the job interviews and get the job in the world leading firms its very helpful for me to prepare for the job interview. This will also help me in the professional life as an entrepreneur also because as an entrepreneur I will hire HR staff or at the small scale will conduct the job interviews so it will help me in the great deal.


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